Tutka Bay Lodge in Selector Magazine

Tutka Bay Lodge is featured in the Summer 2013/2014 issue of Selector. The article, entitled Wilderness Bliss, illuminates the finer points of the guest experience. Author Jocelyn Payne captures the moment:

The carved wooden sign on our cabin says ‘Eagles Nest’ and that’s exactly what sitting on the private balcony feels like. Looking out across the bay, densely forested islands emerge out of the navy blue water, snow-capped mountains float in mid air above the clouds and the wing beat of feisty Rufous Hummingbirds sounds like distant church bells.

Of the Widgeon, the former crab boat that now provides the setting for our cooking courses, Payne writes:

“Secrets of bygone days are buried in the crooked walls and creaking floors of the two storeys of rough wooden slabs sitting on top of a rusty steel hull. Plump colourful cushions line one side of the main cabin, while an enormous driftwood chandelier floats above the handcrafted table, which is elegantly set ready for our banquet – once we’ve managed to cook it.”

Download a PDF of Wilderness Bliss.

Reproduced by permission from Selector Magazine Summer 2013/14 issue.