Our Story

Within The Wild Adventure Company is a partnership, in existence since 1983, between Carl and Kirsten Dixon and their daughters Carly and Amanda Dixon. Carl and Kirsten travel between their lodges in the summertime and spend time at Winterlake Lodge during the winter months.

Remote lodging in Alaska has had a long and colorful history and we are proud to be a part of its present and future. During pre-airplane days, there was a “roadhouse” situated every twenty miles or so along trails routes for the delivery of mail by dog teams. Some roadhouses were no more than squalid shacks. Others were well managed and had reputations for fine meals and clean accommodations.

All of our Within the Wild backcountry lodges are in geographic areas of the state that have a colorful history and a story to tell.

Attention to Details

We pride ourselves on being a small owner-operated business that emphasizes personal attention and a high level of achievement amongst our employees. Every member of our team becomes a visible and integral part of our fabric. We are an extremely hard-working group, demanding much from our environment and ourselves. We strive for personal excellence daily, in the work we do and we hope that this is reflected in a visit to one of our lodges.

Attention to Alaska

We strive to show visitors the Alaska we love with the hope that they will go away with a renewed sense of wonderment and respect for the fragility and complex beauty of wild places.

Our philosophy towards the environment is such that we feel that we want to preserve the integrity of Alaska ’s wilderness. We promote minimal-impact use. All of our trips conducted on State or Federal lands are done so with proper permitting and responsible outdoor ethics.