Carl Dixon

_MG_3945At the heart of our company is our outdoor adventure program, inspired by Carl Dixon’s love of the Alaskan backcountry and desire to guide our guests to new outdoor experiences.

Carl enjoys sharing with experienced adventure travelers as well as novices the rarely visited and exciting, sometimes newly discovered, hidden spots of the Alaska Range that we travel within. Whether it is heli-hiking or sport fishing in the summer or dog mushing and backcountry skiing along the Iditarod Trail during the winter, Carl has spent the better part of the past fourty years still discovering and exploring within the wild!

Carl came to Alaska in 1974 fresh out of graduate school from the University of Washington to take a job working for the Alaska Native Medical Center. In his work with the State and with native groups, he was able to travel to many remote and hard-to-access places throughout Alaska.

In his very first year, Carl quickly became captivated by Alaska’s wild and remote places. He pursued his outdoor passion and soon found himself leaving the medical profession and working full-time rafting, climbing and hiking. Carl’s first Mt. McKinley visit resulted in a summit in 1975.

Carl was a founder and owner in a small river and ski touring company beginning in 1975 and eventually in 1983 Carl and Kirsten left Anchorage permanently to live the lodge life.

Carl is a passionate collector of Alaskana books, maps and other historic artifacts of previous lives lived in the far north. He enjoys playing his guitar and skiing out his back door down the Iditarod Trail with his daughters and black Labrador, Willow– or hooking up a few of his 20 sled dogs for a trip to the Denali Lookout.