Alaska Seafood Celebration at Royal Park Shiodome Hotel, Tokyo

Chef Logan Cox selected dishes that reflect our fondest memories of the summer at Tutka Bay Lodge and our anticipation of the autumn now covering Alaska. Learn more about Tutka Bay Lodge and Within the Wild Adventure Company.

Three-Course Menu

The Forest Trail Leads Down to the Sea

Pickled Ocean Perch, Mustard Seed, Juniper Oil, Shaved Asian Pear, and Wild Mushroom Emulsion

Lingering Memories of the Alaska Summer

Pan-Seared Sockeye Salmon, Marinated Turnips, Clams, Charred Cabbage and Dill Broth

First Autumn Clouds Pass Overhead

Chocolate-Sour Cherry Torte, White Chocolate Mousse, and Earl Grey Meringue

Hot Buffet Menu

A Flash of Silver and the Salmon Have Returned

Whole Roasted Coho Salmon Stuffed with Barley, Currants, and Spinach Served with Cumin Yogurt

Hidden Shells Lie Fragile Under the Sea

Alaska Seafood Fisherman’s Stew with Salmon Dumplings, Clams, Bacon, and Root Vegetables in a Rosemary-Scented Cream with Chives and Celery Leaves

Little Memories of Tutka Bay

Crispy-Fried Brandade of Perch with Pollock Roe Aioli

Cold Buffet Items

Smoke From the Beach Camp Perfumes the Air

Spinach Custard, Smoked Sockeye Salmon, Sunflower Seeds and Petals with Nori

The Cold and Clear Ocean Refreshes

Chilled Terrine of Snow Crab, Melon, and Mint with Shaved Zucchini

The Low Tide Reveals New Treasures

Black Cod Mousse Served on Crisp Black Cod Skin and Seaweed

The Last Boat Returns to the Harbor

Cured and Smoked Sockeye Salmon (Salmon Bacon) with Pickled Mustard Seed

Four-Course Menu

Autumn Colors Splash the Bay

Roasted Autumn Squash Soup with Molasses-Glazed Black Cod, Walnuts, Caraway, Crème Friache and Lovage

Late Summer Snow Dusts the Mossy Ridge

Cured Sockeye Salmon, Toasted Buttermilk, Poppy Seeds, Celery, and Tarragon Oil

The First Full Moon Lights the Way

Poached Rockfish, Snow Crab, Charred Leeks, Pickled Apple, Snow Crab Aioli, and Shiso Broth

Scarlet Leaves Fall on the Summer Garden

Baked Alaska Cardamom Cake, Rhubarb Ice Cream, Torched Meringue, Spiced Ginger Anglaise