Mountain Biking

We offer mountain bike opportunities at Winterlake Lodge and Tutka Bay Lodge. We mountain bike down the rugged Iditarod Trail or we sling-load the bikes to Wolverine Ridge behind the lodge for some fantastic views.

At Tutka Bay Lodge, we throw our bikes in the boat and go to the old Seldovia logging road and bike a 12-mile trail to an old-growth forest.

NEW in 2016: Fat Tire Biking

Guests can ride bikes on the snow during the winter or hit trails along the alpine peaks or through the tundra in summer. Some trails, like the Iditarod Trail, can be accessed near the lodge. Guests can also seek out more remote trails, such as the Denali Lookout loop, and get a lift on the lodge’s helicopter to the trailhead, where they’ll find their bikes waiting.

Bike adventures allow guests to travel through more of the remote areas around the lodge at a faster pace — and in the winter, they’ll enjoy the sensation of floating on the snow. Excursions can last anywhere from one to four hours.