Seaplanes & Helicopters


The Cessna 206– A combination of a powerful engine, rugged construction and a large cabin has made these aircraft popular bush planes. These airplanes are also used for aerial photography, skydiving and other utility purposes. They are equipped with floats in the summer and skis in the winter to land on Winterlake’s frozen runway. They are fitted with luxury appointments for comfortable transport to the lodges.



The Beaver– The de Havilland Beaver has become one of the most successful and long-lived designs in aviation history. A “half-ton flying pickup truck” capable of setting down on land, water and snow. The Beaver was adopted worldwide, and in certain jobs it has yet to be surpassed. Beavers are still the float plane of choice for island hopping along the Pacific Northwest coast and for flying into the Arctic.  The six-passenger Beaver is the most successful seaplane ever built, and has been the mainstay of our fleet since the early 1960’s. The Beaver sports a thick wing for maximum lift, a sturdy structure and a powerful, reliable 450-horsepower engine.


The Otter– Following the success of the  Beaver, the Turbine Single de Havilland Otter is one of the most versatile and dependable seaplanes operating today. Originally designated the “King Beaver,” this aircraft eventually became known as the DHC-3 Otter as it is bigger in every dimension than it’s older sibling. The single engine de Havilland Turbine Otter is the largest, most powerful aircraft in our fleet with a range of 500 miles at a normal cruise speed of 134 mph.


The Caravan-The Cessna Caravan is a modern passenger/cargo aircraft that is perfect for flight seeing plane and is a comfortable taxi to the lodges. Caravan boasts a rugged, durable design that offers versatility and stellar performance, the Caravan’s speed and range capabilities are unusually high.



The A-Star– On May 14, 2005 an AS350 piloted by Eurocopter test pilot Didier Delsalle touched down on the top of Mt. Everest, at 8,848 m (29,030 ft).  The AStar is a common sight at heliports, hospital landing pads, police department operations centers and airports across the United States. With built-in maneuverability, super visibility and low vibration levels in the cabin, the AStar has earned its reputation as a true multi-mission workhorse. We use the Astar for heli-skiing, sight seeing, and exploring and it is the foundation of our safety-first operations.



Robbie-The Robinson R44 Raven I and Raven II, affectionately know as “robbie” are our mainstay in helicopters. They provide responsive handling, are super reliable, and have above normal performance in high altitude conditions, which make them perfect for Alaska. Three seats, plus the pilot make the R44 perfect for our ultimate flight-seeing tours and transportation for our Glacier Dog Sledding, remote hiking, and fishing trips. This allows for outstanding views, everybody gets a window seat!  We also use the R44’s for helicopter instruction available at Winterlake lodge.


“The first real flying machine—that’s what some people call a helicopter.” ~Ahnstrom, D.N. (1954),