Culinary Classes & Schedules

We offer different menus exploring our favorite global cuisines while using Kachemak Bay and Alaskan regional ingredients

For the 2016 summer season, we’re offering daily classes Friday through Sunday from May 15 through September 27. We offer different culinary themes each week highlighting our lodge and cookbook recipes, our travels, and our never-ending exploration of local flora and fauna.  Participants will receive recipes, instruction, opportunity for hands-on cooking, a three-course luncheon, and more.  Due to our remote location, we require a minimum of 4 students to offer cooking school. Our sessions focus on the following topics:

  • The Harmony of Food
  • A Northern Table
  • A Seaside Garden

Private cooking classes are offered any day of the week for groups of 6 people or more. Just call our Anchorage office to arrange at 907-274-2710 or

The Harmony of Food

_MG_3166-2Balancing color, taste, flavor and texture brings harmony to food. This class explores the concept of washoku, a Japanese culinary philosophy we are learning from our culinary mentor Elizabeth Andoh. Each session offers tips and techniques as we share our favorite Japanese-inspired dishes. A sample class (but may change at chef discretion) follows:

  • Rice cakes with salmon bacon served with salad of local sea greens
  • Homemade seafood ramen noodle bowl with foraged vegetables and Alaska herbs
  • Green tea custard with wild berries and herbs

A Northern Table

IMG_6036-1840 _MG_2831

Northern latitude cuisine reflects our pride in an unspoiled countryside culinary tradition. We look to our Scandanavian heritage, our Alaska food culture, and our Arctic and Pacific neighbors. A sample class (but may change at chef discretion) is listed below:

  • King crab and chive beignets
  • Seafood wildflower pasta with miso butter
  • Red currant tart with fireweed honey cream

A Seaside Garden

IMG_7544-780 _MG_3017

We take advantage of our proximity to the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean inspiring our kitchen every day. We look at local seafood in unique and creative ways and share favorite techniques and lodge recipes. A sample class (but may change due to chef discretion) is listed below.

  • Ocean charcuterie with assortment of homemade pickles and cheese
  • Beef with oyster sauce, sautéed greens and local mushrooms
  • Chocolate wild berry tart with Alaska sea salt caramel