Lodge Manager

Our lodge management teams are responsible for training, overseeing, and daily operations of a staff of 6-8 people.  This position requires management and leadership experience, preferably in Alaska or in a remote environment.

Winterlake Lodge:

The managers at Winterlake Lodge should have a working knowledge of fly and spin fishing and should be comfortable living in a wilderness setting. They should be proficient at river rafting, hiking, wildlife identification, and naturalist skills. Managers at Winterlake Lodge are expected to oversee our helicopter program and experience with dispatching and field coordination is preferred. The manager at Winterlake should be comfortable with sled dogs and dog lot management.

Tutka Bay Lodge:

The management team at Tutka Bay are ocean-based. Field proficiencies should include flora and fauna identification of the very unique environment of Kachemak Bay, have a Coast Guard six-pack license or above, ability to sea kayak, hike, and saltwater fish.

All managers should be WFR certified, have Swiftwater rescue and other advanced field experience, preferably in Alaska.

Job duties entail adhering to budgets for the lodge and overseeing maintenance and operations of lodge infrastructure.

Our managers must be good with people, demonstrate leadership skills, and be impeccably honest and trustworthy.

The management team works closely with our professional chef who is a part of our leadership and management team but some food and beverage experience is helpful.