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Fish Tacos

We used halibut in the photo for this recipe but we often select cod, rockfish, or even salmon for this popular luncheon item.  The pickled red onion is handy for so many uses – garnish on appetizers, in salads, soups, … more

Beef Filet with Jakolof Bay Oyster Sauce

We are lucky to live quite near an oyster farm, close enough for us to kayak to. We take guests to visit the farm, purchase oysters, and head back to the lodge to cook them. I like this dish. The … more

Crab Cake Benedicts & Hollandaise Sauce

This collection includes recipes for our crab cakes, hollandaise sauce, and how to perfectly poach an egg. You might also see our recipe for homemade English muffins. We make this dish routinely but you may wish to make it a … more

Alaska Shrimp Chips

The Tutka Bay Lodge Cookbook: A Work in Progress Mandy, Kirsten and Tyrone are working hard on a new cookbook project. The Tutka Bay Lodge Cookbook is underway and we are testing recipes and taking photos of our results. Our … more

Caramel Nut Tart

Caramel nut tart with whipped cream.

In the brilliant perfect day of spring, we’ve decided to “call” our winter season at the lodge. We’ll begin the process of preparing for break-up and the two-month transition into summer. Out with the snowshoes and skis and in with … more

Blueberry Granita

Blueberry granita: Our blueberry, lemon, orange and apple granita

Life is always an adventure living along the Iditarod Trail, but early March is an especially active time for those of us who live at Mile 198, the Finger Lake checkpoint. In our airplane-dependent world, weather is a constant topic … more

Curried Fish and Chips

Beer battered cod and halibut served with mushy peas and double-fried potatoes.

Perhaps because I am packing my bags for London, everyone around my house has decided that fish and chips are a good idea for lunch today. I have a little bit of halibut as well as some fresh cod and … more

Bacon Cheddar Apple Waffles

Bacon Cheddar Apple Waffles: We served our bacon and Cheddar waffles with an apple compote.

In the depth of winter, whether it is snowy or icy, it is always a bit of slow-going getting our household underway in the mornings. Always a first step is to start the water kettle for coffee, often doing this … more

Alaska Rice Cakes

Alaska Rice Cakes: Alaska rice cakes with smoked salmon make a nice winter appetizer.

In my job, and in my continuous pursuit of culinary education and inspiration, I travel intensely during certain times of the year (breakup and freeze-up, basically). I like to bring home small packable foodstuffs from my travels and it seems … more

Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls

Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls: Homemade sweet potato cinnamon rolls add a festive touch to holiday brunch.

In a family that works together and lives together, celebratory events can sometimes be a challenge. My family of seven people see each other every day. Most of us work together in our small family-run business, so how can we … more

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