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Corned Beef Hash

Corned Beef Hash: We'll serve our hash with farm eggs and sourdough toast.

This morning, the airstrip on our lake was so soft we couldn’t take off with any kind of load in the airplane. It’s one of the definitive signs that spring is on the way, even if there is more than … more

Homemade Graham Crackers

Homemade Graham Crackers: Finished graham crackers ready to eat.

This week I am in New York City participating in a tourism event where I am cooking Alaska seafood. It’s been a good trip so far, nice to be out of the bunny boots and facemask for a change. But, … more

Russian Tea

Russian Tea: Our Russian Tea ready to serve.

The lake here at the Finger Lake Checkpoint along the Iditarod has come alive. Chatter between the lodge and volunteer Iditarod pilots on the VHF radio is fast and furious as the ten or so race checkers who will inhabit … more

Alaska Ultrasport Energy Bars

Ultrasport Energy Bars: Our energy bars, ready to eat.

During the winter of 1983, my husband Carl and I were living together along the Yentna River in a small two-room cabin. During the day, Carl would work on the construction of a new log building that would become our … more

Apple Sourdough Bread Starter

Apple Sourdough Bread Starter: The end result – sourdough starter makes delicious bread.

When I was newly married and just settling into my first kitchen, I had a desire for all things domestic. In my kitchen, I had a little Scandinavian “kitchen witch,” a small fabric and straw doll, hanging in the corner … more

Valentine Chocolate Buttons

Valentine Chocolate Buttons: Chocolate buttons are an elegant Valentine treat.

My daughter Mandy and I have taken a break from Iditarod preparations at our lodge to fly into Anchorage for a little R&R. We’re going to host a baby shower while we are in town, an opportunity to see old … more

Smoked Salmon Tacos

Smoked Salmon Tacos: Our smoked salmon tacos are ready for game day

If you can imagine where I live — miles from the nearest neighbor, with warm and inviting lights glowing from the lodge across the lake, the landscape blanketed deep in snow and quietude — and then peek into one of … more

Cod Fritters

Cod fritters: We serve our cod fritters with a little easy spicy sofrito

It’s been weeks of well below-zero temperatures at my house. We are still shoveling snow, marveling at the incredible northern lights, and trying to stay warm. Around Alaska, not everyone is deep in snow. Some people are out on the … more


Strata recipe: Our strata ready to serve for breakfast.

Fend off Alaska winter blues with a strata start to the day As the wind howls and the snow drifts over our lake, we are wondering when our dramatic winter weather might calm down. The sled dogs are lying on … more

Meat Pies

A hearty Alaska winter snack This week has been cold where I live, clocking temperatures into the negative twenties, easily. Life doesn’t stop at our lodge when it is this cold, but it certainly slows down. The crew at our … more

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