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Strata recipe: Our strata ready to serve for breakfast.

Fend off Alaska winter blues with a strata start to the day As the wind howls and the snow drifts over our lake, we are wondering when our dramatic winter weather might calm down. The sled dogs are lying on … more

Meat Pies

A hearty Alaska winter snack This week has been cold where I live, clocking temperatures into the negative twenties, easily. Life doesn’t stop at our lodge when it is this cold, but it certainly slows down. The crew at our … more

Alaska Smoked Salmon Chowder

Alaska Smoked Salmon Chowder: Ingredients for smoked salmon chowder.

Warm up with Alaska smoked salmon chowder This week, our New Year celebration will be a quiet affair at Winterlake Lodge. We are deep in snow and the temperatures are well below zero.  We might not have fireworks or a … more

Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska: Add a little berry sauce around the plate.

An Alaskan’s Baked Alaska recipe I’m visiting my parents in Virginia. I was one of the lucky ones to have most of my family living in Alaska — until recently. My parents have fled our cold, slippery winters for a … more

Sweet Potato Pecan Bread

Sweet potato pecan bread and other baked good ready for delivery.

If you go out the back door of my kitchen and head down the path towards the homemade Iditarod Trail sign that my husband Carl painted, you’ll find a root cellar carved out of a small natural hillock to the … more

Wild Alaska Blueberry and Raspberry Bars

Our holiday wild blueberry-raspberry bars ready for gift wrapping.

There’s something especially festive this time of year in seeing my kitchen table covered in flour dust. A flour-saturated tea towel draped over the kitchen stool won’t be easy to wash, but it is a comforting reminder that the holiday … more

Peri-Peri Sauce

I joke that my daughter Carly brought home a souvenir from her two summer seasons of working at a fishing lodge in Russia – her new South African husband. Tyrone, a fly-fishing guide by profession, has been a great addition … more

Alaska Good Luck Crab Cakes

I’m having a leisurely afternoon, sipping tea and watching the wind blow snow outside my kitchen window. I’m working on my Thanksgiving menu. I’m lucky to have two adult daughters and their families that live in Alaska, as well as … more

Winter Granola

My entire family is in South Africa this week visiting my son-in-law’s family and touring the countryside. I decided to stay closer to home, as I am working on a few culinary projects. Each year during freeze up, we decide … more

Thai Chicken Soup

My daughter Mandy is sick this week. She has the sniffles, a cough – the whole “winter is here” package. Unfortunately, she has a busy work schedule, so there is no time to waste. Mandy’s condition calls for chicken soup … more

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