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Peri-Peri Sauce

Peri-peri sauce improves over time.

I joke that my daughter Carly brought home a souvenir from her two summer seasons of working at a fishing lodge in Russia – her new South African husband. Tyrone, a fly-fishing guide by profession, has been a great addition … more

Alaska Good Luck Crab Cakes

Top the cakes with a bit of blueberry chutney.

I’m having a leisurely afternoon, sipping tea and watching the wind blow snow outside my kitchen window. I’m working on my Thanksgiving menu. I’m lucky to have two adult daughters and their families that live in Alaska, as well as … more

Winter Granola

Serve granola with milk or yogurt. Add fresh or dehydrated fruits.

My entire family is in South Africa this week visiting my son-in-law’s family and touring the countryside. I decided to stay closer to home, as I am working on a few culinary projects. Each year during freeze up, we decide … more

Thai Chicken Soup

Thai chicken soup - one remedy for a cold.

My daughter Mandy is sick this week. She has the sniffles, a cough – the whole “winter is here” package. Unfortunately, she has a busy work schedule, so there is no time to waste. Mandy’s condition calls for chicken soup … more

Popcorn Balls


Halloween has always been complicated for my family. When our two daughters were growing up, we lived miles from the nearest cabin and there were only a handful of young people living in the entire river valley where we had … more

Red Kuri Squash Gnocchi


I am at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California this week learning how to meditate, do yoga, and, as part of our week-long program, take massages every day. I’m doing this for research (“research,“ my husband Carl echoes, eyes rolling) to … more

Pumpkin Cake in a Jar


Years ago in the early 1990s, I wrote a small cooking column for a local magazine.  One recipe that we ran around the holiday season was entitled “Pumpkin Cake in a Jar”. It’s a fun little recipe to make and … more

Moose Ravioli


Admit it. As an Alaskan, you probably have at least one moose photo in a drawer somewhere or on your computer. We all have them. We take photos of moose in our yards munching apples or tree buds. We take … more

Mushroom Conserva


The other day I was poking around old cookbooks I hadn’t looked through for years. I found one that had been a favorite of mine so long ago, it was like finding an old friend. I flipped through the pages, … more

Borscht: An Alaska Autumn Treat


The grass is covered in scarlet and gold and the crabapples are starting to fall from the tree in my back yard. A few days ago, a moose wandered in and ate half a dozen apples before we could shoo … more

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