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Alaska Blackcurrant Brownies

Along the pathway near my herb garden, right across from the chicken coop, is a long hedge of blackcurrant bushes. I planted them about 15 years ago and they have become so integral to my cuisine, I can’t imagine life … more

Basic Pickling Liquid

It was pouring rain on Wednesday but I braved the local farmer’s market anyway. I wanted to find some nice herbs, which the market was a little light on, but I brought home some incredibly beautiful red and yellow bulb … more

Salmon Curry In a Hurry

When I started learning how to cook more than thirty years ago, culinary education was hard-won. Gruff French chefs were reluctant to give up cooking secrets, culinary school wasn’t considered a mainstream education choice, and gourmets were usually a little … more

Japanese Thin Omelettes

Culinary educator and Japanese food expert Elizabeth Andoh spent last week with us at our cooking school teaching us how to prepare many different Japanese culinary techniques and dishes. One of the most popular lessons was the one on how … more

Olive Oil Cake

My brother-in-law Heath is living in Kabul, Afghanistan. It’s ridiculous to think of him so far away. It seems like yesterday he was grilling salmon and reindeer sausage on his oversized grill in the backyard of his midtown home in … more

Sea Crackers

On a recent cruise through a local bookstore, I picked up a cookbook titled “A Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Raw.” I figured that if I wanted to learn about a new subject, I might as well start with a … more

Fresh Zucchini Bread

The photos of the big zucchini in this article aren’t from my garden. I wish they were. On Wednesday, I picked them up from the farmer’s market at Anchorage’s Northway Mall. The zucchini in my garden are much smaller — … more

Spanish Shrimp Toast

When I was a young girl, my mother and I lived in Bangkok. My father would come home every other weekend or so from Saigon where he worked for the State Department. I went to school at the International School … more

Fried Kachemak Bay Oysters

The morning couldn’t be any more beautiful as we head down to the dock to take our boat over to Jackolof Bay. We’re going oyster shopping today. Being able to boat over just a few bays to the west to … more

Pizza Gone Retro – On the Grill

I occasionally find myself with a little extra time on my hands when I am in Anchorage transitioning from one lodge to another. Whenever I get these stolen moments, I can easily burn a few hours lingering in my small … more

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