Our History

  1. Boy Meets Girl

    Carl and Kirsten meet each other at the Alaska Native Medical Center where Kirsten worked in the ICU and Carl worked in the ENT department.

  2. We Got Married in a Fever

    Carl and Kirsten get married amid a snowstorm in a log cabin in Anchorage. All the music played were "river songs".

  3. Carly Arrives

    Carly Rebecca was born at the Alaska Native Medical Center. Kirsten put her in a baby sack and Carly slid all the way to the bottom.

  4. A Big Move

    Carl, Carly and Kirsten sell everything they own and move out to the Yentna River and start a fishing lodge.

  5. Mandy Is Here

    Mandy is born in the middle of "break-up", when the river is still half full of ice.

  6. Kirsten Writes a Book

    Kirsten publishes "The Riversong Lodge Cookbook" which went through 4 printings.

  7. Sled Dogs Fly In

    Musher Joe Reddington gives Mandy six dogs Bear, Wolf, Polar, Otter, Pepsi and Logan.

  8. Saying Goodbye

    Carl and Kirsten sell their original homestead and move to Winterlake permanently.

  9. Tutka Bay Lodge

    The Dixons purchase Tutka Bay Lodge in Kachemak Bay.

  10. Rohnen the Great

    Rohnen Potgieter is born and Carl becomes "Papa" and Kirsten is "GoGo".

  11. A Family Cafe

    Mandy and Kirsten purchase a cafe in Homer and name it "La Baleine Cafe".

  12. National Geographic

    Tutka Bay Lodge is honored to be named a member of Nat Geo Unique Lodges of the World.

  13. Wedding Bells

    Mandy and Neil get married amid a snowstorm in a log cabin in Girdwood, Alaska on New Year's Eve. The music was loud and played all night.

  14. Conde Nast Traveler Reader's Awards

    Tutka Bay Lodge named best lodge in Alaska!

Tutka Bay aerial photo