Tutka Bay Lodge offers brown bear viewing along the Katmai Coast. Winterlake Lodge offers black bears and brown bears in their backcountry wilderness habitat.

Winterlake Lodge

Bear “viewing” at Winterlake Lodge happens often from a helicopter’s vantage point of as we travel to and from glacier activities. We often see bears following moose, poking into a beaver lodge, or fishing for salmon in the freshwater streams near the lodge.

We often see black or brown bears and evidence of bears along our hiking trails, but we keep a safe and respectful distance. Sometimes we see bears traveling through the trails quite near our lodge property, heading toward valley rivers and streams lower in elevation.

Tutka Bay Lodge

Bear viewing at Tutka Bay Lodge is one of our adventure activity options. Fly by Cessna-206 to a remote beach location to watch coastal brown bears graze along the shoreline and in sedge grass fields.

The flight to the bear viewing area will take about 1 hour depending on the area which the guide decides to go and the route of flight that we take to get there. On the flight over we fly past some of the most amazing and dramatic scenery in Alaska. We have the opportunity to see at least 7 different active volcanoes, giant glaciers and sometimes, whales in the water below us. When the weather allows we always fly over the top of an active volcano on the way.

This is an active tour, with about three hours of walking/hiking along the coastline viewing bears.