We offer fly-in glacier tours, trekking and trips from our rustic luxury lodges.

Winterlake Lodge

To the south of the Lodge lie the Tordrillo Mountains. This rarely visited segment of the Alaska Range is the location of two accessible glaciers – the Trimble and the Hayes. The mountains surrounding the glaciers and the Lodge, born of volcanic activity as recent as a 1992 eruption of Mt. Spur, provide the backdrop for our glacier explorations.

Depart Winterlake Lodge with a guide via helicopter and after a 10- minute scenic flight up the Hayes Valley, land on the glacier itself! Dwarfed by the peaks and awed by the alien surroundings, the trek begins. Depending on interest, we can take a brief 30-minute walk to explore the crevasses, moulins, icefalls, snowfields, and other glacial features. The glacier here is nearly flat, affording easy walking.

Tutka Bay Lodge

Although not an included activity, an optional add-on from Tutka Bay Lodge is a helicopter trip to Grewingk Glacier inside Kachemak Bay State Park. Situated above the seaside community of Halibut Cove, this flight to Grewingk is a favorite –  especially lovely when accompanied by a bottle of champagne. For the adventurous,  take a short hike to a small lake located at the foot of the glacier.

We are delighted to include a helicopter excursion to one of the numerous tidewater glaciers and fjords in the area. Please inquire with our Anchorage Sales Office if you’re interested in adding this to your Tutka Bay Lodge experience. These tours are an added cost.