Our Commitment to Food Sustainability

We use our high tunnels to grow herbs, vegetables, and fruits that won’t normally do as well in our short 100-day growing season and northern temperatures. High tunnels allow us to extend our seasons on both end – before the June 1’st traditional planting day and that first full moon in autumn when it is likely to frost.

How We Source Our Food

Tim Crockett is our expert company field expert who spends much of his time sourcing foods from local farmers, fishermen, and other artisan purveyors. He also tests our recipes in our Anchorage test kitchen (and he does much, much more).

We have foragers at each lodge that look locally for wild edibles on our property, care for our greenhouses and gardens, and bring baskets of greens and other things into the kitchen daily. Here are a few of our favorite Alaska foods we rely upon daily.