Join us as we walk on untouched earth, watch a momma grizzly nuzzle a baby, or learn to kayak around the Herring Islands. We invite you to get to know us and explore the Alaska we love.

Winterlake Lodge

61° 59' N 152° 04' W

Winterlake offers an opportunity to experience helicopter-supported adventures, sportfishing, rafting and hiking the Iditarod Trail. Winterlake Lodge provides opportunity to see the Alaska Range and interior wildlife.

Tutka Bay Lodge

59° 28' N 151° 30' W

Tutka Bay Lodge is situated on Kachemak Bay, one of the richest ocean estuaries in the world. See maritime wildlife, kayak, sportfish and hike in Kachemak Bay State Park.

Join Us at One - or Both - Lodges

Seaside Wonders / Mountain Adventures

You might visit either of our remote lodges during your visit to Alaska. Our exclusive lodges are located within Southcentral Alaska and are accessed from Anchorage, our gateway city, in about one hour of travel time in most instances.

Decide on our destinations by adventure activity, culinary interest, spa and wellness programs, or geography of ocean or mountain.

Seasons of Operation

Winterlake Lodge is opened February 1st through April 15th and from June 1st through October 1st.
Tutka Bay Lodge is opened May 1st through September 30th