Call us to discuss your optimal dates and check availability at our lodge. We offer six guest cabins at our property. This is part of our sustainability mission and a desire to offer you an intimate and personal experience. So, booking early is always recommended. Last-minute accommodations are always possible but hard to predict. Air travel into Alaska can also be busy in the peak travel months, so it is important to coordinate that along with your lodge stay.

Once you have discussed dates and general itinerary with our Anchorage team, you will be asked for a 50% deposit to hold your reservation. From that point forward, consider us your personal Alaska concierge, willing to help you with any questions that come along.

Should you plan to stay in Anchorage overnight?

We love Anchorage and think it is a vibrant and interesting city. Lindsay has recommendations for hotel accommodations, Kirsten offers a list of favorite restaurants. Carl can guide you to bike and walking trails. And, we all agree the Anchorage Museum is a must-see, particularly the Living Our Cultures, Sharing Our Heritage: The First Peoples of Alaska collection of Alaska native objects on loan from the Smithsonian Museum.

If you prefer to get directly out to the lodges upon arrival into Anchorage, we can arrange that. Keep in mind we can only fly in the daytime (as late as 5:00 PM departure from Anchorage).

Spend a week with us and we will show you why we choose to live here and what we find so special about Alaska including our favorite wild places. Sometimes we wonder about how life might be living in a high-rise building in Tokyo or a brownstone in the heart of Greenwich Village but living close to nature has brought us so many remarkable and inspiring moments, it has made all the difference. We want to share these moments with you.

Group exploring forest and greenery on the grounds of our Alaska lodge

see a mother moose and a calf foraging in the meadow…watch a whale breach… find a perfect wildflower high atop a mountain… kayak around the Herring Islands…touch earth no human has ever touched before… take a yoga class in the morning sea mist… catch a salmon on a fly rod… listen to the loons call in the evening… see an eagle swoop overhead…find a jewel amongst the rocks… see a mother bear feed her twins… hike Grace Ridge in the early morning light
(and, there is so much more).